Va te faire foutre.

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dads are either too nice or assholes there is no in between

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I went to a party once and everyone was supposed to pitch in some money to buy adderall. I had never tried or even heard of it but I was young and stupid so I gave them 20 bucks. Later on, after we all took it, everybody was going crazy and having a good time and I was just sitting on the couch quietly so I googled ‘adderall’ on my phone and learned that it’s used to treat ADHD.

I have ADHD.

I paid 20 dollars to calm down.

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Everytime I see this I cry. I mean look at him. At first it looks like he is laughing and then the smile turns into tears.

why was he crying?

Because everyone was chanting his name, he was overwhelmed with the fact that all these kids came to see him and his band and that his music has a huge impact on them. They were happy tears.

I love him, I love him so much.

when oceans rise, my soul will rest in Your embrace.


There is fog amongst us

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